Thonet interpretiert

Twisting, bending, moving. In collaboration with the famous design company Thonet we questioned the existing visual language and identity of the brand and the company. Inspired by the tradition of the company, we have defined new rules for curating and interpreting the brand, which we have summarized in a brand manual. Focussing on the different moves of sitting and twisting forms of Thonet chairs we created dynamic campaign videos with contemporary dancers. For the campaign each dancer had the tasks to interpret a specific Thonet chair in his individual dancing style. Based on the particular choreography we developed custom soundtracks for every chair in collaboration with various sound artists.

Year: 2016
Type: Video Campaign, Art Direction
Status: Pitch, not realized
Client: Thonet GmbH
Project Team: Alexander Mainusch, Sebastian Randerath, Patrick Verhamme, Zita Petzold, Katharina Witter, Christian Mavatico, Miguel Mavatico
Music: Alexander Mainusch, Axel Mohr, Tresohr