Pre_Invent Chapter 1 & 2

We are all carried away by a wave of new technologies. We can no longer escape from developments such as artificial intelligence or platformization. How can we change existing technologies in this flood and find our own tools? The first and second chapter of the conference series »Pre-invent« reflected the past developments as well as current practices and interpretations of digital technology, art and society with talks from Fred Turner, Ramon Amaro, Tobias Matzner, Shintaro Miyazaki and Thomas Bächle. For the first and second chapter of the conference series we developed a visual identity that was based on silver printed gradient patterns that didn’t imitate but complement digital aesthetics.

Year: 2017
Location: Düsseldorf
Type: Identity, Poster, Flyer, Website
Status: Commissioned
Client: Hochschule Düsseldorf
Project Team: Alexander Mainusch, Sebastian Randerath
Coding: Stefan Völker