Pre_Invent Beyond the Visible

In the beginning of spring 2019 researcher presented the first images of black holes. These images changed the whole imagination of black holes but raised questions on representation, observation and digital technology. Hence the conference »Pre_Invent: Beyond the visible« confronted positions from art such as Forensic Architecture, Tabor Robak or Rindon Johnson with theorists or scientists like Fred Turner, Vladan Joler or Angela Krewani to discuss about current interrelations between visibility, art and digital technologies. The key visual for the flyer, poster and website we designed was inspired by the aesthetic of these new black hole images.

Year: 2019
Location: Düsseldorf
Type: Poster, Flyer, Website
Status: Commissioned
Client: Hochschule Düsseldorf
Project Team: Alexander Mainusch, Sebastian Randerath
Coding: Stefan Völker
Photography: Lisa Bongartz, Nele Trompeter, Marvin Hillebrand