Kimha Corporate Design

Unpretentious and extravagant. »Kimha« is a jewelry label founded by the Korean designer Hayan Kim. Her works are driven by the feeling of unusualness and the clash of different cultural, spatial and formal impressions. We created the brand name and the corporate design from logo design and stationery to website, packaging and spatial design. The brand name we developed refers to the typical Korean style of writing in combination with an international sounding character. The corporate design and the website create a reduced and at the same time luxury environment for the extravagant Korean jewelry brand. In collaboration with the cologne based printing manufacturer Lukas Ley we developed an unique packaging for the jewelry products that is based on unconventional printing methods. For the spatial communication of kimha, we developed a pop-up store and an unique trade fair presentation.

Year: 2017
Type: Naming, Corporate Design, Stationary, Packaging
Status: Commissioned
Client: Hayan Kim
Project Team: Alexander Mainusch, Sebastian Randerath

Customised packaging

Product photography