Haas und Liebe

Hate and Love. Hass und Liebe. While the German word „Hass“ means hate, “Haas” refers to a traditional grotesque typeface developed in the early 20th century. In our design work, we use a variety of typefaces. However, our choice is more and more often the „Haas Grotesk“. Therefore, we developed a kind of “Hassliebe” (German for “love-hate relationship”) with the „Haas Grotesk“. The scarf was created as a self-initiated project as an ode to this love-hate relationship and can be purchased on request.


Project: Haas und Liebe Scarf
Year: 2021
Location: Düsseldorf
Type: Merch
Status: self-initiated
Project Team: Alexander Mainusch
Model: M. Fitz